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As I mentioned recently, I joined 10 Fitness, and along with my membership came a free session with a personal trainer.  What I really got was a free session with the assistant manager of the personal training outfit that contracts with 10 Fitness.  What I came away with was sore thighs and sticker shock.

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The young lady who called to make the appointment with me met me at the scheduled time with a smile and invited me over to her desk.  There, she asked me several questions about my goals, my motivation, and my current level of physical activity.  She then measured my body fat percent, filled out a couple of worksheets, and began explaining the benefits of physical fitness to me.  So much of what she presented was fresh in my mind, having heard a similar lesson at the UAMS Weight Loss Program.

Once she finished with the presentation, she asked me to follow her to a treadmill.  I walked for 10 minutes to warm up before she stopped the machine and led me into the weight room.  There, she had me do squats while holding a large weight.  She showed me how to do pull-ups and push-ups by leaning into a bar, thereby limiting the amount of weight I was actually struggling against.  She showed me an exercise with a dumbbell that resembled starting a lawnmower, and then she led me back to the front room and to a balance ball.  On the balance ball, she helped me do crunches.  She also showed me how to use the balance ball behind my back to help with squats.

In my weakened state, she then led me back to her desk to begin the sales process.  Ranging from $35 to $50 per session based on how many times a week and for how many months I would commit, personal training was clearly too costly for my budget as an educator.  In addition to the session costs, there was also a $69 fee that I couldn’t quite understand as well as some other $99 fee that she agreed to waive if I would give the names of some friends who might be more interested.

While I took away a better appreciation for the balance ball and the seemingly useless bar in the corner, I did not see the value in the personal training services at that cost.  At $50 per session 3 times per week, I would have to be independently wealthy to afford the services.  Looks like it’s back to the elliptical machine for me!

What do you pay for a personal trainer?

4 thoughts on “Personal Trainer

  1. khrynna says:

    $25.00 per hour at UAMS. You set the number of meetings. They are not UAMS employees so payroll deduction is not an option, but this is a bargain! 😉

  2. khrynna says:

    $25.00 per hour at UAMS, you set the number of meetings. They are very nice!

  3. Wow that is expensive…I’m all for a one time training session to get some great ideas and tips but not anything more…blessings

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