So I recently joined a gym.  Not only have I joined the gym, but I’ve actually been going… and working out.  Having never been a gym member before, I was intimidated by many things including the equipment and the experienced members.  After speaking to the rep for the personal training company, I realized that I wasn’t willing or able to spend the kind of money they were looking for.  That left the free, computer-based system that is included in my membership.  It’s called ActivTrax, and it’s wonderful!


After going through an intake interview with a representative at the gym, I was provided credentials to access the ActivTrax website, which provides me with a custom workout plan each day.  At the gym, I was shown how to print out the worksheet, perform the various exercises, and enter my results back into the computer.  On each visit, there’s a fresh workout customized based on my interests, ability level, and desired goals.  It’s an expert system that knows what I need to do, and adapts to my changing needs and abilities as I grow and change.  This!  This is what I need!

While discussing the system with a friend, he said, “Oh, yeah.  I use that.  I love it.  I do it on my iPhone, though.”  With minimal investigation, I found the ActivTrax mobile site on my iPhone.  It lets you view the workouts, enter your results, and even view exercise instructions right on your phone.  It’s awesome!


One of my favorite things about ActivTrax is that it’s customized for the specific equipment at my gym.  In the above example, I’m instructed to do the close grip pull down exercise on machine 47.  There’s minimal confusion about which machine I need to use.  If I forget how to do the exercise, I can view the demonstration video right on my phone.  If that doesn’t clear things up, I have a specific question to ask the front desk.

ActivTrax has boosted my confidence level greatly.  I go in with a plan, I execute my plan, and I leave feeling accomplished.  Although I haven’t been using the system long enough, I’m told that the system will eventually display graphs and statistics illustrating the changes in my strength over time.

What do you use?

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