200 Pound Milestone

I’ve been working for a couple of weeks to come up with a non-fattening reward for reaching the milestone of 200 pounds lost.  I’ve had several suggestions, including “Go out to eat with us!” (not kidding), “Enter a 5K” (done it), and “Start a Walking Club” (sorta done it).  I’m a bit more selfish than that.  I want something for me!  I know one of my initial classmates, John, rewarded himself with a car.  I can’t afford a person trainer, much less a convertible.  I’ve decided, though, to have a massage.

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About seven years ago I actually won a gift certificate for a massage as a door prize at a school function.  I gave it away.  At my largest, there was no way I would disrobe, even for a massage therapist.  I didn’t have muscles to speak of.  I was not the prime candidate for massage therapy.

I’ve been working out.  My muscles are growing.  My muscles are aching.  I’m so ready for this!  At the current rate, I’ll be treating myself to a trip to the spa some time next week.  At the latest, it’ll be before Halloween.  My question is, where’s the best place to go for a great massage?  The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs has spa services including a whirlpool bath and a massage.  The Buckstaff Bath House also has a similar package.  Any recommendations?

My milestone is coming.  I need to make plans!

5 thoughts on “200 Pound Milestone

  1. donna hawkins says:

    http://www.serenityspa-eurekasprings.com/ I personaly have never tried it.

  2. Cindy Gates says:

    Danny, Is that really you or someone else on that table?! You are amazing! So how did you like the massage? Wonderful aren’t they? Cindy

  3. tracey campbell says:

    I get a massage once a month at Bugaboo on Kavanaugh. Theo is wonderful! And it is very reasonable.

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