Catching Up

So, it has been a while since I’ve provided you with an update.  I apologize.  My lifestyle change has taken me away from technology and into the gym more than two hours per day.  Not being a couch potato does have its drawbacks — blogging isn’t something that’s convenient when you’re pedaling 130 beats per minute on the elliptical machine.  I hope you’re doing well.  I am.


After being able to fasten my seat belt on an airplane without an extender, my next personal goal was to be able to use the tray table.  On my trip home from a conference in Baltimore, in the most crowed of window seats, I was able to safely say that I am now tray table compatible.

If you’ve been following Needless Pounds on Facebook, you might have seen my posting about crossing the 200 pound loss mark at my last weigh-in.  I over-shot it by several pounds, in fact.  I’m now down over 203 pounds.  I really feel that the increased exercise at the gym has paid dividends.

Beginning November 1, I’ll be entering the maintenance program, which is where I’ll begin my gradual transition from meal replacements to “real food.”  I’m about 20 pounds away from the “one meal, one snack, and three meal replacements” program, but I’m confident I’ll get there soon.  So many folks who I’ve met in the program have said, “I lost a ton of weight on this program several years ago.  I should have gotten on the maintenance program or I wouldn’t be starting all over now.”  I’m done with obesity, man.  Let’s not go back there.

Speaking of obesity, I’m happy to relate that I no longer fall into the “morbid obesity” category on the body mass index scale.  Although I’ve never been at death’s door, those with a BMI of 35 or greater are considered morbidly obese.  As of last Wednesday’s weigh-in, my BMI is now 34.24.  I’m just obese.

To summarize, things are going well.  I’m still passing my micro-milestones… and loving it.  I’m spending a lot of time in the gym, which keeps me away from the couch, TV, and the laptop.  I don’t miss them at all.  Once I begin the maintenance classes in November, I’ll have some fresh material to share with you all.

Until Then!

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2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Cindy Gates says:

    Danny, Glad to hear another milestone is met! It’s amazing the things we miss out on when not fit! So happy for you! By the way, I never got a reply on the roller coaster…how did you like that trip? Cindy

  2. Sarah Bibles says:

    Hey! Actually “Morbidly Obese” is a BMI of 40 and higher!! You crossed that a long time ago! Get your BMI under 30 and you’ll be in the “overweight” range! You’re halfway there!!

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