Getting Rid of Distractions

When I’m at the gym, I often find myself distracted by images of fried foods being dipped into fattening sauces on the television screens hanging near the cardio area.  Such commercials should not be played in gyms.  Another place I’ve realized that I’m receiving the wrong messages is in my email inbox.  I received this promotion from IHOP, and I just had to go, “Huh??”

Apparently, IHOP has branched out into the mobile phone business.  This was enough to prompt me to find the “unsubscribe” link.  In my previous life, I would wait eagerly for IHOP to send me my coupon for a free birthday meal.  No longer.  I used to get mail from Betty Crocker telling me about the latest and greatest convenience foods.  Not anymore.

Take a look in your email inbox, and see if you’re subscribed to services that are sending you the wrong messages when it comes to weight loss.  Discard, cancel, or block the ones that are not supporting your goals.

Anyone want that free phone?

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