Gearing Up: Food Scale

To support my transition from meal replacements to conventional foods, I’m working to equip my kitchen with tools that will allow me to prepare, cook, portion, and store foods correctly.  To portion out my cooked meats, I acquired this small food scale at Target for $5.19.

This cute little scale looks like it could have come from IKEA.  It’s minimal, gets the job done, and was really inexpensive.  The hopper comes with a lid for that can be used for storing food items, but the clever bit is that the scale itself fits within the hopper for storage.  Very “IKEA,” indeed.

What kind of food scale do you use?

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  1. […] forums that the best way to portion peanut butter is to use a kitchen scale.  If you recall, my $5 kitchen scale is analog, and although it’s excellent for portioning meats, it lacks the precision to do […]

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