Gearing Up: Grill Pan

To support my transition from meal replacements to conventional foods, I’m working to equip my kitchen with tools that will allow me to prepare, cook, portion, and store foods correctly.  To grill small quantities of foods, I acquired this 10″ Grill Pan at Walmart.

The pan is Nordic Ware brand, and it comes with a 10 year warranty.  Some of the reviews on the Walmart website indicate that the nonstick surface will quickly chip away.  For less than $20, I’m willing to take the risk.  After all, I can always take it back to Walmart, right?

If I find that pan grilling is a form of cooking that I do often, I’ll likely invest in a higher quality piece of equipment.  Until then, it’s me and my aluminum pan.  I’ll let you know how it fares.

What kind of grill pan do you use?

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2 thoughts on “Gearing Up: Grill Pan

  1. Neville Sarkari says:

    You will probably need to deal direct with Nordicware for the warranty, not Wal-Mart. But I agree, the cost is low, not much risk. I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  2. Sarah Welch says:

    I’d recommend a cast iron grill pan. They’re healthier (you don’t want to eat that black stuff), and the taste of the food is amazing:

    Also? This pan will last *forever*.

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