Satiety. Say What?

You may not be able to pronounce the name of the new Razorbacks coach, Bret Bielema.  Neither can I.  Another word I couldn’t figure out how to say without being taught is satiety.  Say it with me:  Sah – tie – uh – tee.


Basically, satiety is the sense of fullness from eating.  When I eat a meal that “sticks to my ribs,” it’s the feeling of satiety that’s, well, satisfying.  I bring it up because I noticed quite a difference in satiety with the pork loin meal versus the tofu stir-fry meal.  Guess which one made me feel fuller longer?

Surprisingly, I was fuller longer with the tofu meal!  I’m no dietitian, but I suspect the difference was in the carbohydrate choice rather than the protein.  With the stir-fry, I prepared brown rice, which is a whole grain.  With the pork, I steamed red potatoes.  Giving my digestive system more work to do kept it occupied longer.


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