Bye, Bye Big & Tall

I hate shopping for clothes.  I do not follow fashion, I couldn’t care less about labels, and to top it off, I’m colorblind.  I want clothing that fits, that I can afford, and that is easy to maintain.  I’ve always been a catalog and online shopper.  I knew what fit, I ordered it, it arrived, and I wore it.  When I did need something quickly, I’d run to a store with a Big & Tall section, such as JC Penney.  Recently, I went into the store and found that there were no clothes available in my size, whatsoever.

Photo by wmacphail

Photo by wmacphail

What actually happened is that I walked straight to the Big & Tall section, where I wasn’t able to find any polo shirts in size “L.”  It took me a minute to realize that my world of fashion was suddenly much larger and more plentiful.  While I’m no more enthused about fashion, I do love being able to find clothes that fit on clearance!

What other changes have you noticed by accident?

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