When I made apricot-glazed pork loin, I portioned out the meat into 3-ounce servings, several of which I froze.  When I got home the other night at 11PM, I knew I had to prepare meals for the coming days.  Having enjoyed the tofu stir-fry, I considered making pork fried rice.  Looking at the back of the bag of rice, I saw that the cooking time was 45-50 minutes.  Beside the rice, I looked at the quinoa, which cooks in less than half that time.  In the freezer, I found a bag of Brussels sprouts that I got for free using a Kroger coupon.  With that, I made Pork Fried Quinoa with Brussels Sprouts.

Pork Fried Quinoa

In preparing this meal, I stretched the 3 servings of pork into 4 protein servings by adding eggs to the stir-fry mixture, which is also protein-rich because of the quinoa.  I’ve started adding berries to my bento boxes so I’ll have a healthy, sweet treat at the end of the meal.  I find that silicone cupcake molds are perfect for this, as recommended by MyBentoMeal.

What’s lurking in your fridge?

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