Simple Protein Snack

You know how you can give a kid an amazing toy, and all they want to do is play with the cardboard box it came in?  Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that we enjoy so much.  In my case, I was looking for a protein exchange that I could eat between meals to supplement the protein in the beef stew.  Behold, sliced strawberries with cottage cheese sprinkled with Splenda.

Strawberries with Cottage Cheese

Under the exchange system, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese counts as a very lean protein; I chose fat-free cottage cheese.  Before leaving in the morning, I scooped the cottage cheese into this container, sliced some strawberries onto it, and sprinkled them with Splenda.  I had hoped that the splenda would macerate the strawberries the way sugar does, but it did not.  All mixed up, it made for a wonderful snack!

Speaking of fruit, one serving of strawberries is 1 1/4 cup, so this is less than half a serving.  I like to stretch my fruit serving(s) out throughout the day, and strawberries are one great tool for doing so.  I’ve also discovered that apples, when sliced, go a lot further than when eaten whole.

What’s your go-to protein snack?

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