Afternoon Snack

Eating meal replacements, sometimes up to seven of them per day, got me in the habit of having frequent, small meals.  I like to have a little something to eat before leaving work and heading home in the afternoon.  Accordingly, I planned an afternoon snack into my meal plan.

Afternoon Snack Plan
For this meal, I made cheese and crackers, celery sticks with peanut butter, and I added a side of granola.  In practice, the granola felt a bit out of place, and I had more cheese than I knew what to do with.  Next time I may just have twice as many crackers.

Happy Snack

Each of these items is something that can be prepared ahead of time and brought into work in a cooler.  Again, I used my scale to portion the cheese.  As a happy accident, I learned that one of the silicone cupcake cups is about 1/4 cup.  Neat.

Have you had cheese and crackers lately?  Delicious!

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4 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack

  1. Love paper bag popcorn! And it’s free of all the chemicals in the microwave stuff. Yummy!

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