Day one on 100% conventional food couldn’t have come at a better time — smack dab in the middle of vacation.  I’m so fortunate to have had all day to dedicate to working out the kinks without having to worry about life getting in the way.  I started with my planned meal.

Breakfast Plan

I woke up, rolled out of bed, and headed to the kitchen.  I learned when making Broccoli Tofu Stir-Fry that to make a perfect hard-boiled egg you put your eggs in a pan of cold water, bring that water to a boil, cover the pan, remove it from heat, and wait twelve minutes.  While I waited for my water to boil, I started on the oatmeal.

I shop at Kroger Marketplace, which I call the ÜberKroger, because of its vast selection of … everything, including healthy foods.  One of my favorite features is the bulk foods section, where I buy my oatmeal, quinoa, and granola.  At $1.49 per pound, you can get organic rolled oats for less than the regular oatmeal in a cardboard cylinder.  Neat.

With a smaller pot of water boiling for the oatmeal, I added the oats and began to stir.  Although I had planned to put strawberries in both the oatmeal and the yogurt, I decided to make strawberry banana oatmeal and to add blueberries to the yogurt instead.  My decision was made because my bananas were getting to “use’em or lose’em” ripeness, and I wanted a little more diversity on my plate.

With the eggs boiled and drained and the oatmeal fattened, fruited, and cooling, I measured out 6 ounces of fat-free Greek yogurt.  I rinsed the blueberries and added them to the yogurt before making my plate.

Breakfast Plated

I prepared 6 eggs, which I left in the shell in the refrigerator.  I prepared 4 portions of oatmeal, which I separated into individual containers.  I can imagine pulling this breakfast together in under 10 minutes on a work day, and I know I’d be quite satisfied.

What quick breakfasts do you like?

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