Morning Snack

I’m not sure what it is about 10:00 AM, but when I’m in the office at that time, my stomach growls.  My dietitian and I have planned several snacks into my day, and the first comes at 10.  Here’s the plan:

Morning Snack
I’ve already experimented with making making microwave popcorn using only popcorn kernels and a paper bag.  It works wonderfully!  The remainder of this snack involves portioning peanut butter.  How easy and transportable?  Since I was home, I actually cut up big carrots and sliced an apple.  I love using these silicone cupcake molds to hold and carry portioned foods like peanut butter.  I got the idea from my bento buddies.

Morning Snack

That’s a ton of food for a snack!  It felt like I had just finished breakfast when snack time rolled around.  We’ll know in a week or so how accurate the unpronounceable formula is.  If everything goes to plan, I should lose two pounds next week.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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