Lose a Battle, Win a War

I gained weight this week — over two pounds.  Although this isn’t my first weekly gain, it is my largest.  It coincides with my switch to 100% conventional food, and I saw it coming.  Both the fit of my clothing and my scale at home told me I had it coming.  I’m not down about it, though.  Although I’ve lost a battle, I’m winning the war.

Weight Loss Trend

My dietitian, who is so wonderful about keeping in touch via email throughout the week, sent me an email after looking at my chart.  She said, “I’m not concerned – like I said, it will take some tweaking.”  Because the unpronounceable formula pegged me too high, I’ve switched to a plan allowing for 1800-1900 calories per day.  Next weigh-in should have the scale moving in the right direction.

Did you gain recently?

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