Greek Yogurt Cups

I eat a lot of fat-free Greek yogurt.  I find myself buying a tub every time I’m in the grocery store.  To my dismay, Kroger was sold out when I visited last.  I found the price tag, but there were no tubs available.

Greek Yogurt Price
I considered my alternatives — to buy plain non-fat yogurt, which has fewer calories, but less protein; to buy my yogurt at another store on another day; or to buy the individual serving cups of the fat-free Greek Yogurt.  Curious to know what the premium would be for buying the individual cups, I compared the price per ounce.

Greek Yogurt CupsWould you believe the cups, with the Kroger Card discount, are actually less expensive per ounce than buying the tub?  I’ve noticed this with other items Kroger sells, too — It’s more expensive to buy a two-pound bag of carrots than it is to buy two one-pound bags.

As I was loading up on this amazing deal, I noticed the reason for the discount.  Some of these yogurts were past their “Best By” date.  Others, however, were not.

Yogurt DatesVery tricky, Kroger.  You didn’t fool me this time!

What deals have you found at the grocery store lately?




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