Sun-Dried Tomato Meat Loaf

I know.  Meat Loaf doesn’t sound like a healthy entree to me, either, but I found a recipe in the appendix of a diabetic meal planning book at my local library that I just had to try out.

Meatloaf Recipe
At 1/2 starch exchange, 2 1/2 lean meat exchanges, 1/2 vegetable exchange, and 1 1/2 fat exchanges, I had room to add some side items in my meal plan, too!

Meat Loaf
I tried making meat loaf one other time in my life — with fatty ground beef.  It was the most miserable, disgusting thing I ever failed at cooking.  This time, the ingredients flew together, the loaf turned out beautifully, and it’s so tasty!  Because I used such lean beef, I found that it tends to crumble a bit when you cut it, but that hasn’t affected the flavor 😉

Plated with Smashed Potatoes
I decided to go with a “meat and potatoes” theme  I made smashed potatoes, including the skins, and included some simple green beans as the veggie for my plate.  Although there’s no customary layer of ketchup and brown sugar on top, you can taste the sweet and spicy tones from the chili sauce in every bite.

Do you have a healthy recipe that you’d like to write up to be featured?  Contact me!

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