Not This Time

Do you remember what happened to me last Easter? I made a chocolate bunny out of meal replacement, and I decided to buy a small tube of icing just to highlight the eyes and nose. The icing was gone (500 calories worth) before the bunny was set in its mold. You live and learn.


This wild assortment of empty calories was on display in the grocery store’s clearance section the other day. While I didn’t stock up, I was reminded of the importance of leaving “troublesome foods” at the store.

I’m not actually sure if icing presents me any troubles now. I get so much fulfillment from delicious fruits, rich nut butters, and tasty breads that I’m not certain icing has anything to say to me.

What foods do you have to leave at the store?

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One thought on “Not This Time

  1. linda says:

    Anything Chocolate and Chips!! Although I made Black bean brownies so I can have something on had in freezer for those occasions I “just need” some chocolate.

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