38″ Waist

I keep a pair of pants draped over a chair in my living room.  I call these my “goal pants.”  They’re pants just one size too small for me.  From time to time, I try on my goal pants to see how they fit.  Some days, even when the scale isn’t cooperating, it’s amazing how good you feel when your goal pants fit.  Yesterday, I was able to wear size 38 pants.

Photo by Beatrice Murch

Photo by Beatrice Murch

This is notable for a number of reasons.  For one, I’m out of the 40’s.  I remember how excited I was when I got out of the 50’s.  This feels like the home stretch.  Even more exciting is that 38″ pants means that I’ve lost a total of 24″ from my waistline since starting my journey.  That’s two feet…  Now it’s time to head back to Goodwill and find some 38×30 khakis.

On to my next pair of goal pants!

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3 thoughts on “38″ Waist

  1. Akela Louise says:

    I love this! You definitely need another motivator besides the scale..grabbing some pants now!!!

  2. linda says:

    Good job- keep it up!!

  3. tracey says:

    Daniel, you do not know how much I appreciated you talking to our class today. You gave me such motivation to get “back on track” after fallin off, or as you said, “I hit the snooze button” No more! Thank you, it meant a lot .


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