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As an educator, I regularly participate in end-of-course evaluations.  The feedback I get from these evaluations helps me understand how I’m relating to my students, and I use it in making improvements in how I teach.  I’ve created a short survey that I’m hoping you’ll take 2-4 minutes to complete for me that will provide similar feedback on my blogging.  I want this blog to be a resource that you find helpful.  Please help me understand how I can do that better for you.

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As a “Thank You!” for taking my survey, you’ll receive a password for a mystery post that I’m writing just for those who have taken time to help out.  Once you submit the survey, the password for the mystery post will appear on your screen.  Just copy it down, follow the link to the mystery post, and enter the password to view the post.

You can access the survey by following this link:

Thanks so much!

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