Cabot Sharp Extra Light Natural Vermont Cheddar Cheese 75% Less Fat

I love cheese.  Furthermore, I love a bargain.  Cabot Sharp Extra Light Natural Vermont Cheddar 75% Less Fat cheese is a bargain in terms of price, but it’s also a bargain in terms of calories.  Per ounce, it has 60 calories, 9 grams of protein, and only 2 grams of fat  At select Wal-Mart stores, I’ve been able to find this cheese as low as $2.08.  At other Wal-Mart stores, they claim never to have heard of this, and they look at me funny for suggesting such a cheese.  I now show them this photo that I took at Little Rock Walmart Supercenter Store #5244 as tangible evidence of what I’m looking for and that Wal-Mart does, in fact, carry it.

Cabot Cheese

I eat a couple of ounces of this cheese each day.  One ounce goes on my sandwich, and another is eaten with saltines.  Each counts as a serving of lean protein in the diabetic exchange system.  When I was unable to find this cheese at my store, I considered trying Great Value 2% Reduced Fat American Cheese Slices.  It was much less expensive, it had only 50 calories, and it was pre-sliced.  Unfortunately, it only had 4 grams or protein, which was the reason I was eating cheese in the first place.  To count as a protein serving, it would need 7 grams of protein.

When I’ve been unable to find this cheese, I’ve eaten Kraft 2% Milk Reduced Fat Colby Jack Cheese. I’ve also seen that Target offers Market Pantry Reduced Fat Colby Jack Cheese. Both of these cheeses are a bit higher in fat and calories, but they’re a great substitute when I can’t get my hands on Cabot 75% cheese.

What’s your favorite cheese?

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2 thoughts on “Cabot Sharp Extra Light Natural Vermont Cheddar Cheese 75% Less Fat

  1. sassyred79 says:

    my favourite? most any cheese with a ton of flavor…love sharp/old cheddar. I can’t for the life of me understand the purpose of mild cheddar…it’s like plastic with no taste!

  2. codyaray says:

    Wow! 9 grams of protein per ounce is insane for a cheese.

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