These last several weeks have been a bumpy ride for me in terms of weight loss.  One week I’ll lose a few, another week I’ll gain one or two, and on and on.  Some folks refer to a point where you get “stuck” as a plateau.  I prefer to think of it as a time where my body is reallocating its resources.

Morning Weights Graph


The graph shows that I’m hovering in the 205-208 region.  These aren’t my official clinic weights, but the weights I take most mornings after getting dressed but before eating or drinking.  I’ve been fluctuating around this weight for about a month now.  When I get frustrated, disheartened, or impatient to see results, I look back at where I came from and all of the moments we’ve shared on this journey.

Face Pics Collage


From a lot of folks, I hear, “muscle weighs more than fat.”  For sure, muscle is more dense than fat.  Muscle also helps burn calores all day every day.  I’m developing more muscle as I work out, and its exciting to see those changes.

From other folks, I hear, “You look wonderful!  You should stop losing before you dry up and blow away.”  My body fat percent is still in the low 20% region, which is higher than I’d like it to be.  This journey isn’t about looks for me, but about getting fit.

The most important thing for me right now is to hold strong at my current weight without gaining.  The next most important thing is to examine my workout and meal plans to see what changes can be made to increase my calorie deficit to get the scales moving in the right direction again.

I’m currently consuming around 1750 Calories per day, and I’m doing about an hour of exercise per day.  Even days include 30 minutes of elliptical and a nautilus circuit.  On odd days I do 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  On weigh-in day I rest.  When on the elliptical machine, I try to select a resistance level that keeps my heart rate between 140-160 beats per minute.  On resistance day, I may need to increase my elliptical time to 45 minutes.  It’s possible to cut back on meals, too, to 1500-1600 Calories per day.

We shall see.  What I’d like you to know is that I’m not giving up.  When the going gets tough for you, I don’t want you to give up, either.

Photo by Ashtee

Photo by Ashtee

Keep On Keepin’ On

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8 thoughts on “Plateau

  1. Elena E. Lovelace says:

    Looking Good!

  2. Great collage, you’ve come a long ways!

  3. Mary Walker says:

    I’m sure you know that you are only supposed to weigh yourself once a week, because you will get discouraged? I know because I am the same way and need to stop!

  4. xxplumcrazeexx says:

    I’m sure you know that you are supposed to weigh yourself only once a week, because you will get discouraged? I know because I am the same way. You should have joined HealthyWage with me for the 10,000 challenge. I think I am on a team of losers. 🙁 But you can still sign up for the $100 challenge. You have one year to get your BMI down to below 25 and you win a $100. That challenge is free. Check it out.

  5. sassyred79 says:

    I like the collage idea…really great way to look at how far you’ve come. I think I will have to do the same! Thanks

  6. […] writing about being on the plateau, I’ve lowered my caloric intake to 1500 calories and bumped up my elliptical resistance one […]

  7. Lolly says:

    Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

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