Gallbladder Surgery Scheduled

Previously on, “As the gallbladder turns, ” Daniel had a painful attack the day that he switched to 100% traditional food.  Although he had no further problems, he was encouraged to see his physician  Dr. Hardin.  Dr. Hardin referred Daniel for an ultrasound, which showed possible sludge on the gallbladder… and also, possible tumors on the liver.  Dr. Hardin referred Daniel for an MRI which cleared his liver but showed possible porcelain gallbladder signs.  Dr. Hardin referred Daniel to Dr. Stanton, who said, “I’m not going to twist your arm, but I think you should have it out.  Do it when it’s convenient for you rather than when you’re miserable with a future attack.”  Daniel decided, “I’ll worry about this later.”  Dr. Hardin wrote Daniel a letter encouraging him to have it out.

Surgery LetterWhat convinced me to have the surgery was the fact that my bilirubin count has been elevated in each set of labs that have been drawn since the attack.  Although I’m not feeling any negative impacts, my liver is working harder for some reason.  Rather than suffer jaundice or any of the other nasty side-effects of out-of-whack bilirubin counts, I’ve decided to have the surgery.

Dr. Stanton, the surgeon, plans to do it laparoscopically.  Provided everything goes as planned, I’ll be in and out of the operating room within an hour.  Feedback from my friends who’ve had this procedure done is that it’s an easy recovery, which I look forward to.  I’ve scheduled it for the Monday of Spring Break just in case.

Have you had your gallbladder out?



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11 thoughts on “Gallbladder Surgery Scheduled

  1. I have not had my gallbladder out. But I hope you feel better, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Susie Capehart says:

    Daniel, I had mine out through laparoscopic surgery several years ago and all went well. I think it’s wise for you to go ahead and have it taken out. The attacks can be quite painful. The first day was a little rough, nothing major. Just really sore. Pain medicines helped with that. The next day, I was shopping at Sam’s Club – hanging on to the cart, though. 😉 My surgeon said I’d be good to go in a couple of days. His lead nurse shook her head and said no way. She said it would take about a couple of weeks for the pain/soreness to go away. She was right in my case. I’ve had friends, though, that felt fine after about 3 days. Here’s wishing you have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Let us know how it goes for you.

  3. Cody A. Ray says:

    Oy, good luck. Happy to hear that you’re taking care of it before anything bad happens.

  4. I had mine out via laparoscopic surgery about 4 years ago. I only had one gallbladder pain attack, but it landed me in the ER and lasted two days – it would only have been overnight, but there were two multi-vehicle incidents the night I was admitted to hospital, and the OR was full (I live near a relatively small city, and let’s just say yay for morphine!).

    My gallbladder was riddled with stones and inflamed which necessitated emergency rather than elective surgery. I was not allowed to keep the stones; apparently I asked where they were when in recovery! The irony is that this happened on the Friday that the school winter break began, so I had a built-in two weeks off to chill on the couch and recover before teaching again.

    I was in a fair bit of discomfort (not really painful beyond the first day after surgery) for about a week, and was tired by the end of the day for about a month or so. Obviously from following your blog, you don’t have a high-fat diet. If I were to indulge in a rich meal, I run the risk of internal distress for a day or two (sometimes I do fine, other times I am in pain) – nausea, distension, discomfort/pain. It’s a pretty good incentive for me to be really good with what I eat! Then again, I know people who can eat whatever, whenever after having their gallbladders removed, so maybe it varies between individuals.

    Good luck – I will be thinking of you.

  5. Elena E. Lovelace says:

    Had Lap Gallbladder Surgery In 2004. Back To Work 3 Days Later At A Desk Job. Hope All Goes Well.

  6. carlaannfehr says:

    Just thought I’d add my experience to the list – I had mine removed in 2009 after a pretty quick onset of painful gallstone attacks. I think it might have been a week and a half from the time I was diagnosed to the time my surgery was performed. I would say that it took about two weeks for me to feel back in tip-top shape, but within a week, I was back on my bicycle (and I even fell off and landed on my right side but had no pains/complications! – note to others: pain meds and cycling don’t mix). The few problems I had post-op were: (1) the pain from the gas following a laparoscopy. I had really sharp pains in my shoulders and upper back for a few days, and (2) trouble eating rich, greasy foods. This has since resolved itself, but I had my surgery a couple of days before Thanksgiving and I had terrible abdominal pain and nausea after the meal. I stayed on a very low fat diet for about a month or so to let my GI tract heal and that seemed to be enough to correct that issue. I wish you the best of luck during and after your surgery – I hope the procedure solves your problem!

  7. I had my gall bladder out too, and only just last year. (
    Recovery for me was not too bad, although I did have 2 weeks off work. The operation itself was so much easier to go through than the months of pain (and ERCP). Take it easy though, and just listen to your body when it comes to re-introducing foods. I was on a diet of just fruit and veg before the op so I had to slowly get used to eating other things again, even though I wanted to eat everything at once! I still get the odd pain, but only when I’ve done a lot of exercise or lifting (to be expected with op scars) and it aches a little when I eat a lot of fatty foods. Good luck and keep us posted!

  8. […] encouraged me (that is, nagged me) to have it out.  After weighing the costs and the benefits, I decided to go ahead and have the surgery.  So many of you in the comments here and on Facebook provided me with wonderful support and […]

  9. Irene says:

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident but I am so glad I found it. I just had my gallbladder out 8 days ago. I had no stones or sludge but a small benign tumor was identified in the pathology report. I knew something was wrong for months and finally honed in on the issue. My experience was very smooth. I was back to work at a desk job three days after the procedure and I feel much better already, even only after a week. The doc told me to take it slow and easy and to wait about three weeks before getting back to regular workouts, but I am feeling up for the stationary bike. Think I may head in the gym today. I love tuning in to your blog to hear about what I may encounter next with the recovery process and even with what I can expect with weight loss and just general reacclimating to food and general routines. Thanks for posting your experiences!

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