Off The Plateau? Also, Rollerskating.

Since writing about being on the plateau, I’ve lowered my caloric intake to 1500 calories and bumped up my elliptical resistance one notch.  My first weigh-in since making that change has resulted in a 2.7 pound weekly loss.  That’s certainly progress, and more than I’d hoped for.  Does it mean that I’m finally back in gear and on final approach to my goal of 180 pounds?

Photo by djwtwo

Photo by djwtwo

After a couple of weeks of hovering around the 205-208 range, I started looking for strategies to get my weight loss back in gear.  For a brief moment, I started thinking like a “dieter” rather than a person who has been studying nutrition for a year and a half.  I was looking for a “trick.”  The Mayo Clinic’s article, “Getting past a weight-loss plateau,” gave me the answer that I knew to be the right one.  Burn more calories or consume fewer calories.  It really is that simple.

What does this have to do with rollerskating?  It means that I’m 2.7 pounds closer to donning skates next summer.

Last summer during a camp activity in which we took the students to the roller rink, the students asked me if I was going to roller skate.  Jokingly, I said, “Ask me next summer.  If I’m at or below 200 pounds — no — make that 180 pounds, I’ll roller skate.”  At that time, I was in the high 280’s, and reaching my goal seemed forever away.

Wow.  My weight loss goal of 180 pounds is within sight, and I’m certain that my camp colleagues who witnessed the exchange won’t let me forget about my rollerskating commitment.  I’m hopefully on the downhill side of that plateau.  More importantly, I’ve learned what it takes to tackle a plateau — bump up the calorie deficit just a little bit.

I feel empowered (and scared to death about rollerskating)

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2 thoughts on “Off The Plateau? Also, Rollerskating.

  1. Congrats on breaking through the plateau! It’s a really hard and frustrating problem, so it makes me happy to see that you were able to kickstart yourself so well. Kudos!

  2. Elena E. Lovelace says:

    Why Wait Until This Summer? Maybe You Should Start Practicing Before The Camp. Keep Working Hard!

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