Do You Just Eat What You Want??

As I was withdrawing from a deep dive into the lunchmeat cooler at Walmart, a fellow approached me and said something ending in “gym.”  I didn’t hear the sentence, but I could tell from his attire that he was on his way to or from the gym.  “Do you work out at Ten Fitness,” I asked.  “Yes.  I see you there all the time,” he replied.  Then, he said, “So, do you just eat whatever you want?

Photo by Chirag D. Shah

Photo by Chirag D. Shah

Before I tell you what I said to him, I’d like to take you into the 1.25 seconds that elapsed between his question and my answer.  It’s odd how time stands still sometimes… thoughts cross your mind from many directions at once.  I’m not sure what look appeared on my face, but I’m sure it was priceless.  I was momentarily stunned.  “So, do you just eat whatever you want?

Thought 1

What a strange question to be asking me.  That’s something you ask a skinny person.  Who in his right mind would… wait.  He thinks I’m skinny.  Weird.

Thought 2

Am I holding something that is indicative of careless food selection?  I have a jug of diet cranberry juice, a jar of sugar-free blackberry preserves, and a pound of smoked turkey.  Maybe it’s the turkey…  But it’s only 60 calories an ounce!  And it’s 96% fat free!

Thought 3

Wait.  Who are you?  I swear I’ve never seen you before in my life.  Well, your shorts do back up your gym story.

What came out of my mouth was, “Well, I don’t ‘eat what I want,’ but I do ‘want what I eat’.”  It sounded terribly cliche, but it is quite true.  The foods I eat are chosen primarily for their nutritional profiles, but also because they are foods that I enjoy eating.

After getting a handle on who this guy was, I shared with him a bit about my weight loss journey, how helpful working out has been toward those goals, and I told him about my blog.  A few aisles over, he saw me again and wrote down the blog name.  Jim, if you’re reading this, maybe it will explain the strange look I gave you!

Why am I telling you (readers) this?  I’m not sure, really.  It felt like a significant waypoint on my journey to be asked a “skinny person question” by someone unfamiliar with my story — something that felt relevant and significant, while being completely random and entirely unimportant.

Just Sayin’

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