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I posted several weeks ago about how helpful my iPhone has been on my weight loss journey.  I use it to track my calories, stream music at the gym, research recipes, keep up to date with my blog, and so many other things.  Some of you have told me that you’re going over your data plans with Pandora, and that either you’re being charged extra or slowed down.  I’m on Sprint, and loving it!

Sprint BillI was with AT&T since 2003, and I purchased my iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4S through them.  I had unlimited data on both of those phones until AT&T started slowing down folks who used over a certain amount of data.  I switched to Straight Talk, which was less expensive, compatible with my iPhone 4S, and basically the same coverage as AT&T, but they also slowed down my data.  When the iPhone 5 came out, I switched to Sprint.

On AT&T, my monthly bill was between $90 and $100, even with the discount I got for working with a state school.  On Sprint, as you can see, my total bill for my iPhone 5 with unlimited data, unlimited text and pictures, unlimited mobile to mobile to any cell phone regardless of carrier, and nights and weekends starting and ending at 7, is less than $75.00.  I love Sprint!

When considering the switch, I was hesitant because I had heard a lot about Sprint having terrible customer service, spotty coverage, and an unreliable billing system that tended to add hidden fees for no reason.  In my experience, I haven’t observed any of those.  In fact, the customer service I receive when calling *2 from my phone is the best service I’ve received on any carrier I’ve had.  Straight Talk was the worst.

When I was just getting going with Sprint, I decided to switch to paperless billing.  When speaking to the representative, he noticed that I was in an area that Sprint considered at the edge of its good coverage.  He asked several questions about how the service was performing at my house and offered to send me, absolutely free, a box that plugs into my Internet connection and boosts service at home.  How proactive!?  I don’t have one of those boxes because Sprint’s coverage at my house is fine, but it was awesome that the technology is available free of charge!

If you’re looking at upgrading phones or switching providers, do give Sprint a peek.  If you decide to go with them, please use my referral code.  It’ll earn me $25, and you’ll get a $25 American Express card to spend any way you like.  Sprint is a service that I selected when considering my needs as a wireless customer, and it’s a service that I’m genuinely happy with.  Please use or share my referral link:  http://goo.gl/BeL4D

Plus, I could use the 25 bucks!  K? K.

PS:  HABO (Help a Blogger Out) — If you have friends or family who are looking to switch phone carriers, pass along this post to them and have them use my referral code?

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One thought on “Sprint – Less Expensive, Unlimited Data

  1. trixfred30 says:

    For once im glad to be british – i pay £15 a month for my iphone although its a 3gs – i guess that must be why its so cheap?!

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