Gelatin. Who Knew?

When I was getting geared up for recovery from my gallbladder removal, one of the foods I prepared was sugar-free Jell-O.  I made one batch in an 8×8 dish, and I thought that would be that.  Turns out, this stuff is pretty tasty!  That, and it has like no calories.  For a light, sweet treat that’s not going to break the caloric budget, I’ve started keeping gelatin in the fridge.

jello on plateThis is Strawberry Banana, which isn’t bad, but I really enjoy good, old-fashioned lime.  To make these easy to handle without dirtying a spoon and in perfect portions, I use silicone cupcake liners, which you can be pretty expensive.  I found a deal on them at Kitchen Collection.  If you have a Kitchen Collection near you, pick up a dozen for less than $6.00.  With shipping, they’re still reasonable online.

Jello silicone pulled back

To make them thick enough to handle without silverware, I use one pouch of sugar-free flavored gelatin and one pouch of unflavored gelatin.  I boil one cup of water, stir in the gelatins, add one cup of cold water, and then pour that into the silicone molds.  I leave those in the fridge to gel, and voila!

jello in hand

While Jell-O has been around for eons, I’m relatively new to this cooking thing, and I think it’s just fantastic that something that’s sweet, quick to prepare, and fun to eat can be just five calories.  

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2 thoughts on “Gelatin. Who Knew?

  1. pythonkatie says:

    It always looks great but I have never liked it. I may have to try that double gelatin thing and see if that makes it better. My boys LOVE it though and it’s a staple in our house. I always get the sugar free variety and I keep hearing that making it with sparkling water or something like ginger ale or 7 up makes it better. Might have to try that in diet variety as well. 🙂

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