Pasta for One

As a single guy, I find pasta one of the more frustrating foods to manage.  You know I like my portions to be spot-on, and that’s hard to achieve with food that starts out one weight, takes on moisture, and turns out another weight entirely — and in a shape that’s hard to measure afterward.  Additionally, pasta isn’t one of those foods that I like to cook a bunch of at once — I prefer it fresh.  I came across the answer to my problems the other day.

Healthy Portion Pasta Basket

This is the Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket.  It’s essentially a miniature, collapsible, boilable silicone colander.  Using the hole in the handle as a portion guide, you can measure a single serving of pasta.  For things like macaroni, which I use in the Veggie Pasta Pie, there’s a line along the edge of the basket to indicate a single serving.  Boil some water, clip this dude to the side of your pot, and you have a perfect portion of pasta with minimal cleanup afterward.

Pasta BasketSince I’m cooking for one, I don’t need more than one, but the packaging shows that four of these can be used at once to keep individual portions separate during cooking.  I suppose you could also cook different types of pasta at the same time without mingling them.  I wonder how that would affect the flavors of the various pastas…

I digress.  This thing is like $10 at a reputable online retailer, and Amazon shows that they have a bunch of other portion control gadgets, too.  While making healthy choices in food selection is a significant part of successful weight loss, managing portions is essential.  I’m glad to have one of these in my gadget collection!

What Gadget Can’t You Live Without?

PS:  On the back of the packaging was a recipe that I thought sounded good.  It’s called Mozzarella Pasta.  Ironically, it doesn’t list any amounts for the ingredients.

In a skillet heat olive oil over medium heat. Add cubed tomato, olives, capers, salt, and pepper to taste, simmer until heated throughout. Add mozzarella balls and cook for 1 minute, stir continually. Meanwhile, cook penne pasta in the Healthy Steps Pasta Basket. Drain pasta, pour onto plate, and add sauce. Enjoy!

There are more recipes at


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3 thoughts on “Pasta for One

  1. pythonkatie says:

    Love it! I’ve seen larger systems like that in restaurants where you can cook multiple types of pasta in one pot at the same time. Very cool you can grab one for portion control. Great find! 🙂

  2. Traci says:

    My favorite gadget is my food processor. It provides me with fresh pesto sauce and smoothies.

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