Sucralose to Go

I ran across Sucralose To Go while I was at Wal-Mart the other day.  It’s a liquid sweetener made from the same stuff as Splenda.  Check out my video review.  Also, let me know if you’re interested in future video posts or if you prefer text.

Here’s a link to the coupon I mentioned in the video.  If this product is something that you’d try, you should at least get it at a discount, right?  If it’s something you like, you can order a 3-pack online from Amazon, too.

It Was Just Meh

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3 thoughts on “Sucralose to Go

  1. Nicci says:

    For someone who hasn’t seen you in-person in a looooooong time, a video really makes the changes you’ve made that much clearer. You look amazing!

    I did like the video for other reasons, though. 🙂 I feel like you go into more detail (maybe because it’s not as easy to edit?). I also feel like the video takes less time than text, for the same amount of info. Maybe add the link(s) to the video next time?

    Anyway, congrats thus far!

    • Daniel says:

      Apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. I’ve had a crazy busy week. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      I used YouTube’s web-based recording/editing stuff to produce that video. I plan to explore all of the web-based editing tools (and my iPhone). I don’t want to get all fancy-schmancy with the video stuff for this site.

      When you say add link(s), do you mean add links in the blog post below the video, or put overlays on the YouTube video that link someplace?

  2. […] Sucralose to Go ( […]

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