Exploding Salmon

I’m relatively new to this whole eating real food thing, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it.  Then, out of the blue, I learn something new.  Salmon explodes in the microwave.  I knew that aluminum foil, forks, and compact discs provided spectacular shows in the microwave.  I didn’t know that salmon was among the items to watch out for.

Grilled Salmon

What had happened was… I was assembling a quick meal using some refrigerated salmon that I had baked the day before, some green beans, and a scoop of rice.  I popped the plate into the microwave and hit “Reheat.”  While this works beautifully with baked chicken, I heard this remarkably loud POP!  When I checked on the microwave, there was fish all over — on the door, on the ceiling, on the sides.  Rather than be upset about it, I was more fascinated by the experience.

Curious if I had the only piece of explosive fish, I hit the Internet.  Some folks’ salmon exploded while they were cooking it from frozen.  Some folks’ salmon exploded while reheating it from the refrigerator.    Some people actually prefer salmon that’s cooked in the microwave, but they recommend doing so at 30-40% power.

Having lived through the experience, this post’s tale made me laugh out loud (and then double over in pain because my surgery incisions were still a little tender):

For some reason, the fish blew up. You think I’m joking. Even though we had a microwave lid on the plate, there was a ring of fish strands around the microwave that took a bit of cleaning. The entire underside of the lid was covered in shredded fish. When we lifted it off, we could see where entire sections of fish fillet were just gone.

Consider yourself warned.

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3 thoughts on “Exploding Salmon

  1. linda says:

    Yes I have had it happen to me. Use to take from fridge to microwave and a mess was made- think it’s because it is so cold and there are no bones. I now heat on a lower setting and make sure I have a lid as things like lasagna tend to explode also!

  2. I hit the thrift store and bought a couple different sizes of slow cooker lids. They are perfect for the microwave, and you don’t have to worry about the chemicals in plastic.

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