Wish List Item: Full Body Sensor Monitor Scale

I’ve started a new category called Wish List. “Things I Love” is where I talk about, well, products and services that I currently use. There, I’ve discussed my gym, my iPhone, ActivTrax, and a ton of other stuff. Wish List is where I plan to discuss items that I so badly want, but will put on my wish list until I get my Belt Lipectomy saved for. All of my disposable cash is going into savings for that major purchase right now.

Each week I travel to Little Rock to weigh in at the clinic. There, I have access to very sensitive scales and the box that measures body fat percent, whatever it’s called. This scale essentially does all of that at home, and it keeps track of your Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Skeletal Muscle, and Resting Metabolism, too.  You know what a data nerd I am.  Can you imagine the kinds of spreadsheets I could dream up with this scale?

Do you have a scale that measures body fat?

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2 thoughts on “Wish List Item: Full Body Sensor Monitor Scale

  1. Cody A. Ray says:

    I have a Withings scale and have used it regularly since 2010. I love using it for ambient data collection; just a minute a day and I have a database going back almost three years. However, I’ve long stopped paying attention to the reported body fat percentage. Since last November, I’ve dropped about 9% body fat. However, looking at my Withings records shows no indication of this trend. (The 9% figure is from a DEXA scan, which I have done occasionally for better records of my composition changes.) The Omron device linked uses the same mechanism (bioelectrical impedance) as the Withings to measure body fat, and this method just isn’t very accurate.

    So the question I would ask is… how does this scale determine your RMR? The only way to calculate this that I know of requires monitoring your breathing input/output. How does it knows what’s visceral fat vs subcutaneous fat? I don’t trust it’ll accurately report any of these things other than weight.

    Bottom line: buy it for its automatic record-keeping, not for its other claims.

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