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I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on it or not, but Thursdays have become “Recipe Day” here at the Needless Pounds blog. For the last month or so, each Thursday has included a reader recipe. I’ve decided to create daily themes for the rest of the week as described below.  We’ll give it a spin and see how it goes!

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Are you ready for this?

  • Mailbox Monday — I love getting notes, messages, Facebook comments, and tweets from readers.  I’d love to share some of the wonderful conversations we’ve had.
  • Temptation Tuesday — Let’s talk about the things we can’t/won’t/don’t/shouldn’t/ HAD BETTER NOT have.  Sounds like fun 🙂
  • Wish List Wednesday — I’m on a budget here, trying to scrimp and save every penny for my tummy tuck.  That won’t stop me from window shopping, right?
  • Recipe Thursday — As long as you keep sending in the recipes, I’ll keep posting them.
  • Fitness Friday — Let’s talk about moving, shaking, and staying active.
  • Wildcard Weekends — Sometimes I feel like bringing up a topic that’s not exactly weight loss related.  As long as I promise to keep it on a Wildcard Weekend post will that be OK?

This doesn’t mean that I’ll only be posting those topics on those days, but it will serve as a scaffolding for broadening our dialog.  I can’t wait to see the comments you guys have to share in the coming weeks once this plan gets rolling!

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2 thoughts on “Weekday Themes

  1. Vallon Williams says:

    This sounds awesome!

  2. linda says:

    Sounds like a really great week Daniel-Can’t wait to see the blogs and comments! Have a nice week!

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