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For my first Mailbox Monday, I’d like to share a lovely note I received from a reader who participated in the Great Easter Egg Hunt 2013.  I’ve anonymized the details, as this reader is a bit shy.  I love getting notes, remarks, feedback, suggestions, and kudos from readers.  Just send me a note at daniel (at) needlesspounds (dot) com if you’d like to be featured in a future Mailbox Monday.

Where's my mail?

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The reader writes:

As long as I’m typing this, I feel I should let you know that I love your blog. I went to [school name] and, while I never actually took a class you taught, I saw you around. Your journey has helped me a lot! I recommend your blog to everyone I know who is working on weight loss, or just motivation in general. The fact that you stay so upbeat, so resilient, and so honest, is just amazing. Thank you.

Me? Upbeat? Surely, you have me mistaken with Richard Simmons.  In my mind, I am somewhere between catty and snarky in many of my posts.  I try to keep the sarcasm to a dull throb.  I appreciate hearing that you think I’m resilient.  The word that comes to mind when I try to label my determination is more along the lines of relentless.  It goes back to that image of the dog who has his lips on the sock and Will. Not. Let. Go.

You italicized honest in your email.  I set out from the first day of this blog to share my journey without sensationalizing or concealing any aspects of it.  Some days it’s sunny, other days it’s cloudy.  I want you and all the readers to know that although my weight loss has happened in a relatively short period of time, it hasn’t come without the physical, emotional, and other efforts and compromises that we all have to make to achieve something we deem important.

I commit to you and the other members of the Needless Pounds community to continue to be resilient, honest, and … well, I’m not sure I can commit to being upbeat.  How about realistic with gusts of optimism?

I’m so glad you and your friends find this blog helpful.  Your note really made my day when I received it, and it’s gestures and comments like these that help me go on when I have those not-so-good days.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for being my first Mailbox Monday.  Please continue sharing Needless Pounds with anyone you think will benefit from it.  Encourage them to Like Needless Pounds on Facebook, follow @needlesspounds on twitter, and subscribe via email using the little box below.


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One thought on “Mailbox Monday

  1. Tim says:

    I agree that your blog is very inspirational, and I definitely appreciate your honesty.

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