Belt Lipectomy Savings Update

For the last month or so, you may have noticed the Donate button at the bottom of this blog.  I’ve asked for your help in saving the $15,000.00 that it will cost to have a Belt Lipectomy.  This is essentially a body lift that pulls my thighs, butt, and other lower regions upward, removes excess skin around my midsection, and pulls the rest downward.  There are several videos on YouTube that show how the procedure works, how remarkable the results are, and who good candidates for the procedure are.

$15,000.00 is a lot of money, and I don’t anticipate receiving it all from you.  I don’t anticipate receiving much at all from you, actually.  My goal is to fund 10% of my surgery from donations.  We’re well on our way to raising that — over $250 in the bank already.  One eager reader even asked me to create a subscription option so she could have money sent in automatically each month.  You can sign up for that right now if you wish.

This post isn’t about asking you for money as much as it is about sharing my progress on the 90%.  Each week, I transfer $100.00 into a savings account that I opened specifically for this surgery.  At that rate, I’ll have the money to cover the surgery in a little less than 3 years.  Each time I come across some extra cash, I put it in my surgery savings account.  The credit union calls it “S21,” and that’s what I’ve started to think of it as.  “S-Twenty-One.”

What's that other $100 for? Taxes. This $500 was from a consulting gig I did, and I have to pay around 30% of all that back in taxes at the end of the year.

As you can see from this deposit slip, I put an additional $400.00 into S21 recently, which nudged the balance closer to $3,000.00, or 20% of the way to my saving goal.  From the day I started researching having this procedure, I made the commitment to myself that I would not, under any circumstances, incur debt on an operation which isn’t necessary to sustain or save my life.

I have some views on money management that I’d like to share with you this week as a series of daily posts.  Rather than write it as one loooong piece that nobody would read, I felt that chipping away at this topic in installments was both more appropriate and somehow poetic.  It’s not exactly weight-loss related, but I will tie it all together in the last installment.

Be looking for posts about these topics this week:

  • How I paid off my credit card debt
  • Why I won’t incur new debt for this surgery
  • How this financial stuff is relevant to weight loss.

With that being said, I’m curious to know if you have any recommendations on ways I can earn some extra cash to get closer to my goal.  I’ve scoured Craig’s List, and there aren’t many legitimate consulting/contract jobs out there that I can take on without losing my teaching certificate if caught by the law.

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4 thoughts on “Belt Lipectomy Savings Update

  1. Linda says:

    Buy a lottery ticket?

    • Daniel says:

      Ha! While I’m in favor of gaming as a recreational activity, my background in mathematics tells me the lottery is a poor investment vehicle.

  2. linda says:

    Could you tutor students for pay if they aren’t your students?

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