Wildcard Weekends: Moviegoing

It’s Wildcard Weekends.  Although I’ve been off-topic a lot this week already, now it’s official.  We just lost Roger Ebert, a figure I grew up watching.  In his later years, I was amazed at the ways he learned to cope with his physical disabilities using technology.  He will be missed.

Go see it!
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Speaking of movies and critics, I have several questions that I’d like to throw out there for you to discuss in the comments section.

  • Movie theater seats — Which theater chains do you prefer?  If you’re from Central Arkansas, which place has the best theater seats for big people?
  • Movies you’re interested in seeing — Are there any?  I looked at a list of recent releases and really didn’t see anything worth spending $10 on.
  • 3D:  Is it worth the price? — I never saw Jurassic Park.  I’m tempted to go see the 3D re-release, but I’m not convinced the 3D showing is worth the premium.  Where do you stand?
  • Fathom Live Events — Have you seen any of these live simulcast events at movie theaters?  I went to a live This American Life showing which was quite good. Is anyone seeing Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on May 2?  I’m a big fan of the radio show, and I might consider seeing this live event.

The floor is yours.  Respond to any or all of these questions.  Post your own.  It’s Wildcard Weekend.

Go Wild!

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One thought on “Wildcard Weekends: Moviegoing

  1. pythonkatie says:

    So, we are HUGE movie people and although the cost is more than most would put in frugal categories, we much prefer a movie in theater over other entertainment. We coupon and save to put that in our budget.
    3D animated features are better by far than regular films with 3D. I LOVE Jurassic Park and I think it is well worth the money spent to go see it in 3D (on our weekend to-do list already). But if I am going to go see it in 3D – I am gong to pay the extra to go to the IMAX. Yes, some movies not worth it – but that one will be.
    We also saw Hobbit 4 times at Imax and Avatar 10 times at the Imax. We are that movie obsessed.

    We have a few things on the radar. Jurassic Park being one of them. Still want to go see The Croods with the boys and one other that escapes me at the moment.

    Fave Central Arkansas theater? Well cost wise the cheap Cinemark Tandy theater on McCain (behind Hooters) is by far the best. At no more than $4 a ticket and $0.75 for matinees we hit it a lot for movies we want to see on the big screen but not “urgent”. The movies that show there are usually at the end of their theater run and about to come out on DVD. A great place to go cheap with the kids or just an afternoon date. Done it MANY times. After that we prefer the Rave for comfort/cleanliness, Breckenridge Regal for location and the McCain Regal for newer/nicer seats.

    IMAX is by far our favorite but we save it for special 3D features only 🙂

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