Broth For Days

More and more, I find myself picking up items for my pantry in the grocery store not because they’re on my shopping list or because I plan to prepare them within the week, but because the item is available for a good price.  As you may have seen in my video on how I prepare perfect rice every time, I use reduced sodium chicken broth in my brown rice.  I picked up a couple of cartons of broth tonight because they were on sale.  When I got home, I remembered having done the same thing earlier in the week.  Oops.

broth boxes

I’m set for the foreseeable future in terms of broth.  I also picked up several cans of diced tomatoes which were on sale, forgetting that I had accidentally opened too many in my kitchen comedy of errors.  Alas, my pantry is stocked for these items.

What ways do you use to keep up with with you have and what you need?  How do you remind yourself which store has the best price on particular groceries?  In my area, Wal-Mart has a better deal on granulated Sucralose in the big bag, carrots, and chicken breasts.  Kroger is the place to go for milk, graham crackers, and quinoa by the pound.  I’ve learned these things by keeping copious notes, comparing my receipts, and even creating a spreadsheet that’s accessible on my iPhone.  I’d share it with you, but it’s woefully out of date by now.

What techniques do you use to keep your pantry stocked but not stockpiled?

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