Final Doctor Visit for Gallbladder (?)

The surgeon who removed my gallbladder scheduled me for a follow-up appointment, which I recently kept.  I even made you this little video:

Essentially, I had a couple of questions about my belly button and abs.  I have 4 incisions, 3 of which have almost healed.  The one in my belly button is still redder, more tender, and had a line of white stuff, which isn’t pus, along the incision line.  The surgeon looked pleased with the healing, promised me that it wasn’t infected, and encouraged me to give it more time.  He used a fancy word to describe the line of white stuff in the incision, and said that it was normal.

As for my abs, I was initially worried that I had some sort of hernia.  As soon as the pain medications wore off, I had a sore knot on my abs a few inches to the left of my navel.  I hadn’t noticed it before, so I wondered if it had anything to do with the surgery.  The surgeon felt, nodded his head a couple of times, and told me that it was a knot in my abdominal muscle that would eventually work itself out.

The questions the surgeon had for me were very much, “Have you about turned the corner?” and “When do you think you’ll be ready to go back to the gym?”  Obviously, he doesn’t read my blog.  He seemed very pleased with the progress.

I hope this is the last in this series of posts 🙂

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