Wish List Wednesday: Pants that FIT

My body is in a weird place right now. I have pants that are size 38 that I have to cinch up with a belt to keep from falling off my body. I also have several different brands of size 36 pants, some of which are too small to button, others of which will button and zip, but that I’m afraid to sit down in, and one pair that fits but does weird things to my belly fat. If I could have one wish, it would be that someone make a pair of khaki pants to fit my body.

Free coiled tape measure healthy living stock photo Creative Commons
Creative Commons License D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight

I put this out to the community on Facebook some time ago, and several brands of clothing were recommended.  Because I’m living as simply as possible right now, all of my new clothes come from the rack at Goodwill, so “the pickin’s are slim.”  I’ll keep trying things on.  The good news is, I’ll eventually be able to sit down in those tight pants.  It’ll just take some time.

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