Easy Baked Apples

There are so many reasons to turn to fruits before turning to candy — fruits are sweet, high in fiber, and they’re natural.  Fruits tend to be inexpensive, they are convenient, and downright good for you.  I had a hankering today for something sweet, so I walked into the kitchen and found a bag of apples staring me in the face.  Rather than cover them in butter, sugar, and cinnamon and bake them for an hour, I did the next best thing.

Microwave Baked Apples

Determined to eat the apple within the next 5 minutes, I looked at ways to get that baked apple experience quickly, and with the fewest excess calories.  I sliced the apple, collecting the wedges in a bowl.  I sprayed them with butter-flavored non-stick spray, and sprinkled them with cinnamon.  I popped the bowl into the microwave for 60 seconds, and tossed them again.  

Microwave Baked Apples with Cinnamon

Really trying to satisfy a sweet tooth, I sprinkled on some Equal and tossed them again.  Oh, were they tasty!  Warm, sweet, and full of those sensations that make you think of baked apples.

If you’re on the UAMS program and past week 6, this is a wonderful way to get in an extra fruit while still feeling like you’re cheating.  That’s not to mention the health benefits of cinnamon!

What are your low-cal sweet treats?

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One thought on “Easy Baked Apples

  1. Megan says:

    What a great idea! This would definitely be a perfect after-school snack.

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