Turn The Microwave Dance Into The Microwave Challenge

Do you do “The Microwave Dance?”  This is when you put something in the microwave, hit start, and then do a little dance while you wait for the food or beverage to heat.  It’s closely-related to the copy machine dance, which I’ve witnessed at work quite a bit.

hello, anybody in there?
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I’ve recently started turning “The Microwave Dance” into “The Microwave Challenge.”  If I put a mug of water on to boil for 2:30 (the perfect amount of time for my 17 Calorie Cocoa), I challenge myself to repack my gym bag or empty the dishwasher before the microwave beeps.  If I thaw a box of frozen spinach for 15 minutes, I challenge myself to peel and portion 2 pounds of carrots within that timeframe.  You win some, you lose some.  If I don’t get it done within the time, I sometimes go into “extra innings” and try to finish my task before the microwave sounds the, “Hey!  Don’t forget you have warm stuff in here!” beep.

By turning boring chores into a game and establishing a time element, I find that I get my least favorite things done in what seems like less time, all while having a bit of fun and getting other things done simultaneously.  Win-Win (except when I go into extra innings).

Take The Microwave Challenge

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