Spring Training: Spreadsheets Part 1

We thought Spring would never arrive, and before we knew it, Summer is quickly taking Spring’s place.  I want to introduce you to a tool that I use every day in a variety of ways, but especially to track my weight loss/maintenance progress.  It’s the spreadsheet!  I’ve posted several spreadsheet templates on the blog before.  A lot of people use my weight tracking spreadsheet, and I’ve also shared with you the spreadsheet I use to plan meals.

I’ve produced a 10 minute video that introduces you to the very basics of using a spreadsheet to enter and store data.  While Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application, this video introduces you to Google Spreadsheets, which has a number of benefits.  You can’t lose your work because it’s saved in your Google account.  You can access your spreadsheet from your mobile phone to review or enter new values.  You can share worksheets with a select set of friends and supporters, publish it for the world to see, or keep it 100% private.  I love Google Spreadsheets.  

Be looking for a number of videos in this series.  If you have any questions once you get going with this, feel free to post those in the comments either on the blog or in the YouTube comments area.

Get Those Spreadsheets Warmed Up!

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