Daniel Uncensored: May 2013

It’s finally here!  The fully-fleshed “Daniel Uncensored” for May 2013.  Cars come out 6 months ahead of schedule.  Magazines come out like 3-4 weeks in advance.  The May edition of my premium content has arrived, and it’s daring to be read.  This month, Daniel Uncensored comes TWO VARIETIES!  You can purchase this one, which is $4.99, including revealing photos of the skin I so badly want to have removed, or you can opt for the “Skinless” variety, which has had those images replaced by photos of puppies, kittens, and a sugar glider.  The text and other content of this and the “Skinless” variety are the same.

In Daniel Uncensored:  May 2013

  • Bad Decisions Make The Best Stories
  • How I Binge-Proofed My Pantry
  • The Most Selfish Decision of My Life
  • How Losing Over 250 Pounds Affected My Sex Life
  • Let’s Talk About The Ads
  • If You Could See Me Naked (with photos)
  • 3 Foods That Are Banned From My Home
  • The Zero Calorie Additive That Makes My Greek Yogurt Spring To Life
  • What’s Cooking?
  • The Things I See at the Gym
  • I <3 My BHAG
  • Never Underestimate the Weight Loss Potential of [Censored]
  • I Didn’t Squeeze The Charmin For Years
  • Plus, Even More Gymminess for David!

You saw the four page preview.  Now, check out the ten-page May edition.  Proceeds from the sale of this premium content go to the Belt Lipectomy fund.

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