Temptation Tuesday: Skipping the Gym

Temptation doesn’t always have to be about eating, does it? I’m often tempted to skip going to the gym or to cut a workout short. A lot of times, I think about the amount of work that I’ve already put out just to get to the gym, get dressed, and get warmed up. That usually gets me to the end of a workout, but it’s sooooo tempting some days to skip the gym entirely.

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When I have these moments of weakness, I think about the slippery slope that I’m on.  Skipping one day every now and then is OK.  It’s just a lapse.  I still feel bad about it.  I even confess it on YouTube.

What methods do you use to keep motivated and avoid the temptation to skip exercise, whether that’s walking, push-ups, or the gym?

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2 thoughts on “Temptation Tuesday: Skipping the Gym

  1. I rarely am tempted to skip my main 3 workouts each week – it’s my “no kids” time and I usually am more than ready for it. Now, getting myself to do something on the other days… that’s more difficult.

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