A Tale of Three Yogurts

I love Greek Yogurt.  It’s my go-to dairy product.  It’s dense in protein, it’s a blank canvas for flavorings, and it’s delicious!  My major hang-up with Greek yogurt was its cost.  That is, until I started making my own.  I posted detailed instructions on how I am able to have all the Greek yogurt I want without breaking the budget.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting.

Greek Yogurt Collage

Because the flavor of yogurt depends on the “starter” (the yogurt you cloned to begin with), I’ve tried making yogurt with a variety of different starting yogurts.

My first batch was made with Activia, because Jamie Lee Curtis told me it had live cultures in it.  Also, it was $0.50 per cup.  The yogurt above is based on Activia, and I was quite pleased with the result.  It’s creamy, smooth, and is adaptable to a variety of flavorings because it isn’t particularly flavorful or pungent on its own.  I’ve kept this line alive for several generations, so I feel it’s stable.  I have a sample of it in the freezer in case something goes awry and I lose, kill, or eat my last fresh starter.

“If I’m going to make Greek yogurt, I’m going to make the good stuff,” a friend said.  So, I went out and bought some Fage Nonfat Greek yogurt.  The product I bought was delicious, creamy, and typical of “Greek yogurt.”  The yogurt I got when I used the Fage as a starter was a bit more pungent, lumpy, and not quite as pleasant.  Online resources suggested putting it in a blender to make it creamier.  I was not impressed.


While I was at it, I went back to my old favorite, “KroYo.”  Kroger has a store brand Greek yogurt that I ate for months before I knew I could make my own.  Looking at the label, it indicated that it had active cultures, so it was useable as a starter.  I cloned it, and I love it.  You get out what you put in.  It’s not hard to clone, it’s just as flavorful as the Activia, and it’s not at all temperamental like the “uppity” yogurt.

So, if you’re making your own yogurt at home, try out as many brands and styles as you like.  In my opinion, KroYo is just as good, if not better than, the name brands when making your own yogurt.

Do you have a brand that’s particularly good as a starter?

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