Mailbox Monday: Anonymous Reader’s Husband Approves

This week’s Mailbox Monday comes from a reader I’ve known for years, but who wishes to remain anonymous. She and several others in her area had difficulty loading new articles on the blog after Needless Pounds transitioned from one hosting company to another. This is her note:

Yesterday, I girded myself and prepared to call [the Internet provider] about your site. While I was dialing the number, I popped online and, not sure why, typed in needlesspounds. Lo and behold, it worked! I’m not sure why, but your site is working perfectly now! And I’m loving it, by the way. Even my husband, who refuses to have anything to do with anything “diet-ey”, enjoyed watching your salmon cooking video. He actually paused, turned around, and leaned over my shoulder to watch until the clip ended. Then he grinned and went back to doing videogame things. Just wanted to tell you. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your patience during the changeover, thanks for being a loyal reader, and thanks for being a friend! You’re not the first person who has said that the salmon video was appealing to friends and family members. My dietitian’s mother said lovely things about it, too. It’s very rough, but I hope the message came across that preparing healthy meals is something that you can do while holding an iPhone.

Keep those notes coming!

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