Do you have a BHAG? I have several.

The further I go on my weight loss journey, the more I find myself applying the institutional and organizational effectiveness principles from work to my own personal goals and objectives.  This is simultaneously enlightening and terrifyingly nerdy.  As a school, we are challenged to identify BHAGS.  Do you have a BHAG?  I have several.

Greatest Goal II
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I’m sure you’re wondering, “Who is he talking about?”  A BHAG isn’t a who, but a what:  a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.  These aren’t like “drink more water” or “pick up the dry cleaning.”  BHAGs are like, “Fit into that pair of pants or dress from high school” or “Run a marathon.”  Something significant that will take some time to get ready for.

Institutionally, we have BHAGs at the personal, departmental, and institutional level.  Individually, I also have some BHAGs, some of which are weight-related:

  • Be an inspirational example and resource for those with weight-related wellness goals
  • Reach a healthy body weight, currently identified as 180 pounds based on the body mass index without weight loss surgery.
  • Reach a body composition of 15% body fat through healthy eating and physical activity
  • Learn to cook without recipes
  • Learn to exercise without a trainer, guide, or system
  • Save money to afford surgery to remove excess skin
  • Develop a positive body image

Some of my BHAGs are only slightly-related to my weight loss journey and wellness goals, although they match up in several places:

  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Publish a book (or whatever people will be reading then)
    • This could be about my weight loss journey if it is biographical or self-help-y in nature.  Perhaps covering weight loss tips, healthy recipes, healthy eating, my body image issues, plastic surgery if I have it, or even nutrition tips for weight loss
  • Improve the lives of as many students as I can
    • As a classroom teacher, I can only reach one room of students at a time.  How I achieve this will likely involve technology, the Internet, and a redefinition of the term student.

So there you have a glimpse at some of my BHAGs.  Think of a BHAG as where you’d like to be, whether or not you have the resources to get there right now.  I don’t have the resources to afford skin removal.  I didn’t have the experience or resources to exercise before I started going to the gym.  It’s not about where I can get from right here, but about where I’d like to be regardless of resources and limitations.

Is there a particular BHAG you’d like me to dismantle and use as an example, showing how to plan a roadmap to success?

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