Mover & Shaker: Jake

Movers & Shakers are members of the Needless Pounds community who are doing great things and who deserve to be recognized for it. Not all weight loss stories are “Before” and “After.” Whether they’re just getting going, well on their way, or in maintenance mode, Movers & Shakers provide motivation and inspiration to all of us looking at making positive weight-related changes in our lives.  

Meet Jake


NP:  Tell me about yourself.

J:  I’m Jake Debord from Conway, AR.  I’m an IT administrator interested politics, cars, computers, reading, and gaming.  My hobbies include computers, travel, working out at the gym, and remodeling my home.  I’m passionate about helping others.  Currently, I’m involved in Relay for Life Mr. Relay and St. Judes Warrior Dash.

NP:  What are your weight-related goals?

J:  I am trying to gain weight. I am currently working toward gaining lean mass.

NP:  How long were you at your previous size/weight and what factors in your life contributed to that?

J:  Two years(ish).  A sedentary lifestyle and an SI joint injury which has left me with a pinched sciatic nerve.

NP:  What made you decide to change things?

J:  New Years Resolution. (Typical I know!)

NP:  What diet/nutrition/exercise programs have you tried in the past? What are you
currently doing that’s working?

J: Nothing in the past other than light cardio. Now I workout at least 4 days a week. I purely do weight lifting.

NP:  How do you stay motivated to do what it takes each and every day to reach your goals?

J: For now a trip to the beach is in the near future and would like to look good in my swimsuit! 

NP:  Who are your champions/supporters/cheerleaders?

J:  Daniel is pretty inspiring! But I have two different workout partners (((Michael and Jeff))) who keep me motivated.

NP:  Looking at your previous attempts to change, how is this time different?

J:  This time I have created the habit of going to the gym. Humans are creatures of habit and it’s tough to get in the groove but I have found this time to be much easier.

NP:  What has been the hardest part for you on your journey so far?

J:  Working through the nerve pain. With the correct warm ups and stretches it’s managable but some days are worse than others.

NP:  Do you have any advice for others?

J: Stick with it! Don’t skip more than you should and don’t make everyday a cheat day. If you want results you have to work for them. Nobody else is going to the gym for you.

NP:  Is there a recent achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

J:  I’m very proud of myself for dropping 20lbs since Jan 1st. My clothes fit and I can feel a tangible difference in my energy levels!

Way to Go, Jake!

PS:  Jake is almost to his fund raising goal for his Warrior Dash on May 11th, which will benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital.  Consider making a charitable donation to his cause!

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