Mailbox Monday: Walk It Off

I was visiting with an old high school friend on Facebook when she shared this with me:

Thanks! I was having an especially stressful day and was wanting to turn to food (my lifelong coping skill). I saw your message and I was so encouraged! Instead, I'm going to take my nieces and kids to the Big Dam bridge to have a walk

I had sent Vallon a message the day before congratulating her on her weight loss success, and reminding her that she had been getting results because she was doing the right things.  I had no idea that she had been struggling, but I was delighted to find out that my note had come at the right time.

Please let the people in your life who matter to you know when you see them doing good things.  Sometimes, it’s the smallest messages that make the most impact.  I wrote about a time I was sitting at a banquet table trying to justify eating some cheesecake when the person next to me asked a simple question about my choice in salad dressing.  It was enough to nudge me back on track.  I hope the neighbor wasn’t aware of the vicious battle my inner voices were having with one another at the time.

Good work, Vallon.  Everyone keep those good vibes going.

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