Wish List Wednesday: Kitchen Thermometer

Here lies the body of my beloved “cheapie” food termometer. I got it at a kitchen store in Dallas for $5.00 “a hundred years ago,” and it took its final reading the other day while making Greek yogurt. It’s important that milk reach 180 degrees to kill unwanted bacteria before it’s cooled to 115 degrees before adding in the desired bacteria. Well, my thermometer went for a swim in some milk whose temperature we will never know. I retrieved it with some tongs, washed it off, opened it up, stuck it in a bag of rice to dehydrate, and even polished the battery terminals.

Kitchen Thermometer in Rice

It’s dead, Jim. For this Wish List Wednesday, I’m going to ask the NP reader community for its input on waterproof kitchen thermometers. Do you have any that you would recommend, prefer, or otherwise advocate for? I’m going to be in the market for one. Alton Brown’s favorite thermometer is around $100. I’m looking more in the $15-$20 range.


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