Copycat Recipes with Healthy Substitutions: An Ongoing Project

I love restaurant food, but I abhor going to restaurants because I have absolutely no control over what goes into my foods.  In our maintenance class, one of our field trips is called, “Dine with a Dietitian.”  Last time we went to Taziki’s, and I had salmon.  It was pretty good, but heavily seasoned.  I could feel myself gaining water weight with every bite.  I keep my meals pretty simple, as you can see from the meal plans I’ve posted.  Recently, though, I’ve been branching out and looking at growing my kitchen repertoire.


I came across this book, Top Secret Restaurant Recipes Lite, which contains a bunch of copycat restaurant recipes I’m planning on trying.  What I would like to do is start with the copycat recipe and then healthify the recipe even more.  For instance, this book has a recipe for Cheesecake Factory Thai Lettuce Wraps.  Sounds healthy, right?  Google the nutrition info on that item.  Over 1,000 calories per serving!  It also has over 2300 milligrams of sodium.  This is an appetizer, people!

So, having access to these recipes will give me the chance to make the healthy substitutions that I’ve learned to do through my nutrition classes while still eating the restaurant foods that sound so yummy.  Check out the over 1000 Amazing Famous Food Secrets revealed by Todd Wilbur and let me know what you think I should make first!  One of the recipes available is for Olive Garden Tira Misu.


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